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Receiving your mail for the very first time and I must say, this is the best educational approach email I’ve ever received.

~ Oluwafunmilayo (loyal reader)
explains that montessori education is about so much more than the very cool materials


Maria Montessori herself didn’t have them when she opened her very first, magically successful Children’s House. She developed the materials as she went along, but she sure didn’t wait for them to start changing lives.

She knew the secrets to effective early childhood education: observation and response.

But that’s just the thing. She was Maria Montessori. She was kind of a genius.

It worked for her, but does that mean it will work for me?

Trust me when I tell you: it can work for you.

What if you could:

  • Understand the needs of your 3-6 year old, instead of guessing?
  • Objectively observe the behavior of your students?
  • Respond with love, peace, and hands-on activities that fulfill the needs of your child at that moment?
  • Learn and grow from each interaction, instead of feeling stuck and frustrated?



As a first time homeschooler with my daughter, Jean was so helpful in guiding me through a sea of information online with specific lessons and shelf work. She reminded me to pay attention to the activities that my daughter expressed interest in. Thresholds of learning are so important and Jean helped me to understand what the next steps would be to encourage those interests and guide my daughter along in her learning. When I would get hung up on the idea of ‘we have to do this or that,’ Jean would remind me to follow my daughter, take a break from an activity & incorporate something new or extend an activity in a new way. She personalized her suggestions based on detailed questions specific to my daughter & provided so many resources and printables. She also was mindful of what materials needed to be purchased and even offered ideas to use what we had on hand. She was wonderful to work with and give me the confidence I needed to homeschool my daughter!

~ Tracy, wonderful former client and homeschooling mom
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